Prototypes (sketches, paper, low and high-fidelity)

Graduate Research, Final Project
RUCD 150: Prototyping and Evaluation
Brandeis University, Summer 2018

Tools Used:, iMovie, Paper

For my final project, I redesigned Apple’s Weather app. I created paper, low-fidelity, and high-fidelity prototypes that show the progression of my work. I also have annotated final designs as well as a video walkthrough of my prototype. In addition, I conducted user research and tests. Below you can find some of the progression of the designs. From sketches to paper prototypes, to the final screenshots. In addition, there are annotated final designs to provide some more context. Lastly, the entire presentation, which information about research and testing as well the designs, is embedded at bottom of the page. The scenario for this redesign is a user trying to find more information about a hurricane.


Paper Prototype

High-Fidelity (Final) Prototype

Annotated High-Fidelity (Final) Prototype

Video Walk-through

Final Presentation