History 471D: History of the Information Age at UMW, Year: Fall 2014
Tools: Canon HD Camcorder, Canon EOS Rebel T5, green screen, lavalier microphones, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X

For the final project for the course History 471D: History of the Information Age, my group and I  decided to make a documentary about digital identities. We interviewed UMW students and staff in order to see what people at UMW think a digital identity is and how their digital identity may differ from their “offline” identity. Once we had conducted our interviews, we edited the documentary together using iMovie and Final Cut Pro in the Media Lab in the HCC (Hurley Convergence Center) at UMW. Since we had twelve interviews to go through, we could not use everyone’s answer for every question, so we picked the most unique or common answers for the final version of the documentary. We took on quite an ambitious task, and after about seven to eight hours of editing, we cut down the documentary to sixteen minutes long,