CPSC 106: Digital Storytelling,  Year: Fall 2014
Tools: iMovie, Adobe Photoshop CC (video thumbnail)

This video was created for the Computer Science 106: Digital Storytelling course assignment Movie Trailer Mashup. I decided to mashup the Divergent trailer and the Hunger Games trailer because both movies take place in a dystopian future world and both have lead female characters. To make this mashup trailer, I dowloaded both the Divergent and Hunger Games trailers from Youtube and imported them into iMovie. Next, I broke up the trailers into the scenes they featured from the movies, and tried to find similar scenes between the two trailers. I put the similar scenes together and carefully ordered them to make sure a plot http://onhealthy.net line somewhat flowed through the new mashup trailer. I also wanted some of the dialogue so I made sure to increase the volume on the scenes with dialogue I thought was relevant to the mashup and mute the scenes that did not have relevant dialogue. I found a royalty free song on Incompetech to add to almost the entire trailer. In the very beginning, I simply copied part of the background music from the Divergent trailer and added it to the Hunger Games scene before bringing in my royalty free track. I kept the black transitions from the original trailers and added in transitions between the scenes that did not have them.