COPLAC Course Trailers

Year: Spring 2017
Tools: Black Magic cameras, green screen, lavalier microphones, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X

I recorded and edited faculty course trailers for COPLAC. They are supposed to explain what these online and blended courses are to students interested in course sponsored by COPLAC. I first used Adobe Premiere to do Keying, audio adjustments, and lighting adjustments, and then I used  Final Cut Pro X for the titles and lower third graphics.

Welcome to UMW President Troy Paino

Year: Summer 2016
Tools: Black Magic cameras, green screen, lavalier microphones, Final Cut Pro X

I recorded and edited this UMW (University of Mary Washington) Faculty Development Production video as a way to welcome President Paino to the University. It features a number of faculty and staff expressing their thought on what they love about the University, and what they think the University could improve on. I edited the video using Final Cut Pro X. The video was well received by President Paino, the former Provost, Jonathan Levin, the Associate Provost Academic Engagement Student Success, Tim O’Donnell, and the Professor and Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation, Jeffrey McClurken.

Life at UMW

Year: Spring 2015
Tools: Canon EOS Rebel T5, lavalier microphones, iMovie

For the course Communications 310: Social Media, I worked on a viral video project called “Life at UMW.” The goal for this project was to work with a group to create a video about life at the University of Mary Washington and try to spread it around the internet as much as we could. The project also included a point system where we got points for shares/retweets/reblogs, likes, and views that way we could compare our success with our classmates’ groups. For this project I interviewed students for sound bites, and edited the video.

Views Are My Own: Digital Identity

History 471D: History of the Information Age at UMW, Year: Fall 2014
Tools: Canon HD Camcorder, Canon EOS Rebel T5, green screen, lavalier microphones, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X

For the final project for the course History 471D: History of the Information Age, my group and I  decided to make a documentary about digital identities. We interviewed UMW students and staff in order to see what people at UMW think a digital identity is and how their digital identity may differ from their “offline” identity. Once we had conducted our interviews, we edited the documentary together using iMovie and Final Cut Pro in the Media Lab in the HCC (Hurley Convergence Center) at UMW. Since we had twelve interviews to go through, we could not use everyone’s answer for every question, so we picked the most unique or common answers for the final version of the documentary. We took on quite an ambitious task, and after about seven to eight hours of editing, we cut down the documentary to sixteen minutes long,

The Divergent Games

CPSC 106: Digital Storytelling,  Year: Fall 2014
Tools: iMovie, Adobe Photoshop CC (video thumbnail)

This video was created for the Computer Science 106: Digital Storytelling course assignment Movie Trailer Mashup. I decided to mashup the Divergent trailer and the Hunger Games trailer because both movies take place in a dystopian future world and both have lead female characters. To make this mashup trailer, I dowloaded both the Divergent and Hunger Games trailers from Youtube and imported them into iMovie. Next, I broke up the trailers into the scenes they featured from the movies, and tried to find similar scenes between the two trailers. I put the similar scenes together and carefully ordered them to make sure a plot line somewhat flowed through the new mashup trailer. I also wanted some of the dialogue so I made sure to increase the volume on the scenes with dialogue I thought was relevant to the mashup and mute the scenes that did not have relevant dialogue. I found a royalty free song on Incompetech to add to almost the entire trailer. In the very beginning, I simply copied part of the background music from the Divergent trailer and added it to the Hunger Games scene before bringing in my royalty free track. I kept the black transitions from the original trailers and added in transitions between the scenes that did not have them.